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3rd Optic Inspection System with Network Mapping capability to provide complete inspection solution!!! First in its class
Rotary Series Inspection System

Rotary Series Inspection System




•  High Accuracy & High Through-put Rotary Inspection Handler
•  Support Vision System Inspection & Laser Sensor Measurement module
•  Support Contact type or Non-contact height / thickness measurement module
•  Configurable & scalable depends on parts & needs
•  Standard OK / NG bin or option of dedicated reject bin for each reject criteria

Products Descriptions
The Rotary Series Auto inspection handler offers fully automated Quality Assurance (QA) Visual inspection & measurements for the industry needs. It offers great productivity by incorporating many key inspection technology making it the premier choice for today's quality assurance of any product manufacturer.

This handler is flexible, easy to operate and provides fast and consistent output with high inspection accuracy. This handler can be tailored towards the most suitable types of Vision System & Measurement System depending on the material, surface & product inspections requirement. Optional inspection results logging & monitoring to PC is also available.

This high performance handler delivers state-of-art performance & features that can handle the industry most challenging inspection needs & applications.


Feed Method
Bowl Feed (2-way or 4-way) OR  Rotary Feed
Rotary Turret
Servo motor drive with GearHead
Vision Inspection Module

Vision :  Smart Camera or PC Based
Lighting :  Dual Channel Programmable
Measurement Module

Non contact :  Laser Measurement (Displacement & Micrometer)
Contact type :  Analog or Digital measurement probe
Sorting method

Standard OK / NG Bin
Optional - NG Binning by reject type

Operation :  Touch Screen & Push Button
Control :  PLC Control

Electrical :  110/250V,50/60Hz,10/20 Amp
Compressed air :  5 bar (70psi), 0.5 cfm
*depend on valve consumption



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