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Complete Optical Inspection System with variable inspection tool selection!!!

First in its class


L-100 Leadframe Laser Marking System





•  High Speed, High Accuracy & Reliable Marking

•  Stack Magazine Loading & Unloading

•  Choice of YV04 or CO2 Laser Module depending on material to be marked

•  Fixed Track Width. (configured to product width)

•  Easy Maintenance & Long Term Stability


Products Description

L-100 Laser Marking system is a high speed and accurate marking system that provides high accuracy & optimum marking performance. This handler offers a small scale handler featuring  automated loading & unloading with the option of Post Mark vision inspection.

This handler can be tailored towards the most suitable types of laser module depending on the material, surface & marking speed requirement. Optional integrated camera can be used for pattern identification, 2D or Barcode Reading and comes with integrated networking mapping capabilities.


Configuration Stand alone

Laser Module YV04 or CO2 Laser Module

Physical Dimensions : 1575(W) x 1130(D) x 2135(H) mm
*Signal Light Included
Weight : Approx. 700kg
Indexer :  Stepper Motor + Ball Screw Drive

Loader & Unloader :  Stepper Motor + Ball Screw Drive

Motion Controller
Interpolation (4 Axis) :  Linear and Circular

Parameters :  Velocity and acceleration

XYZU Accuracy :  +/- 0.02mm

XYZU Repeatability :  +/- 0.05mm


Host :  Pentium class PC

Operating System :  Windows XP

Monitor :  LCD

:  Trackball & Mini Keyboard

:  Touch screen (optional)


Electrical :  110/250V,50/60Hz,10/20 Amp

Compressed air :  5 bar (70psi), 0.5 cfm

*depend on valve consumption


Postmark Vision Inspection *Marking Quality Inspection
2D Reader *ID identification & Product Check Verify


*Product features & specifications are subject to changes without prior notice.


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