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SCHMIDT® Force & Stroke Monitoring System

A True Close-Loop Monitoring system for all yours presses application needs!!!First in the world


L-300 Pallet Laser Marking System





•  High Speed, High Accuracy & Reliable Marking
•  Configurable and scalable to customer Pallet size with Pallet magazine Loading / Unloading
•  Choice of YV04 or CO2 Laser Module depending on material to be marked
•  Pre-mark & Post-mark Vision inspection option
•  Easy Maintenance & Long Term Stability
•  Networking Mapping capability


Products Description

Configuration Stand alone
Laser Module YV04 or CO2 Laser Module
Physical Dimensions : 3076(W) x 1455(D) x 2320(H) mm
*Signal Light Included
Weight : Approx. 900kg
Actuators Gantry XYZ : AC Brushless Servo Motor + Ball Screw Drive
Loader & Unloader : Stepper Motor + Ball Screw Drive
Motion Controller Interpolation (4 Axis) : Linear and Circular
Parameters : Velocity and acceleration
Performance XYZ Accuracy : +/- 0.02mm
XYZ Repeatability : +/- 0.05mm
Control Host : Pentium class PC
Operating System : Windows XP
Monitor : LCD
: Trackball & Mini Keyboard
: Touch screen (optional)
Utility Electrical : 110/250V,50/60Hz,10/20 Amp
Compressed air : 5 bar (70psi), 0.5 cfm
*depend on valve consumption


*Product features & specifications are subject to changes without prior notice.


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