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i-DR A250

MORE Advanced, Accurate, Flexible and Stable dispensing process with the fastest speed ever achieved!!! Fastest in its class

i-DR A250

Compact Smart Dispenser





•  Small Foot Print.

•  Offset and Height Calibration Module with fudicial stage for setup.

•  Auto Cleaning Module.

•  Low Pressure Sensor build in.

•  3 stage Tower Light with Audible Beacon.

•  Programmable Jetting Parameter.


Products Descriptions

i-DR A250 series is suitable for medium to high volume manufacturing for LED, Semiconductor and PCB.

The standard system configuration includes easy to use Dispensing Software for product setup, control of dispensing valves. Build as a desktop configuration, it includes material handling system that provides full automation of the manufacturing process with minimal operator intervention.

The versatile conveyor and magazine handler provides flexible conversion for a large range of products. Portability of software files provides seamless transfer and duplication of program and setup files to other machines in the manufacturing line.

Scalability features allow the system to be cascaded to perform simultaneous or multiple processes operation. This flexibility matches current and future requirements, thus maximizing the investment.


Motion System *




Close-loop stepper motor, ball screw drive


0.010 mm


+/- 0.020 mm


+/- 0.010 mm


600 mm/s

100 mm/s

Travel Distance

250 mm x 120 mm

100 mm

Note: With camera, dispencse area is ~75 mm shorter in X axis

Conveyor *

Type Single Station O-Ring

Width Manual, lead screw drive

Width-adjustment 25.0 to 120.0 mm

Material Thickness

1.6 mm (max)

Optional 4.0mm

Magazine *


Single in, Single Out

Magazine Width

30 ~ 125 mm

Magazine Height

50 ~ 140 mm

Magazine Length

100 ~ 200 mm

Dispense Head *

Head Load 7 kg

Vavle Mounting

Quick Snap

Tool-less mount and dismount

Dispensing Method *

Jet Micro Dispenser, Auger Pump, Time Pressure

Control *

Computer Compact PC

Operating System Widows XP

User Interface Color LCD ; Keyboard ; Trackball

Hardware Interface

10/100 MBS Ethernet Port ; CDRW ; USB PORT

Facilities *

Dimensions (mm)

Not include height of tower light

1114 (width) x 951 (height) x 653 (depth)

Air Supply 5 bar (70psi)

Power 100-240 VAC , 50/60Hz, 0.75kVA, Single Phase

System Weight 120kg

Optional Features *

Head configuration Dual or Multiple Dispense Head

Human-Machine Interface Touch Screen LCD

Monitoring camera Pattern Recognition System with 256 level independent control

Safety Low Fluid Sensor

Calibration Dispense Weight Calibration


* All specification are believed to be a true and accurate representation of system capabilities. NSW reserves the right to make design changes to products for improvement . Product features & specifications are subject to changes without prior notice.


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