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3rd Optic Inspection System with Network Mapping capability to provide complete inspection solution!!! First in its class
Controller HPC2

Nspira Controller - HPC2





Model HPC2
Power Supply AC 100-220VAC; 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 1x PP2 or HM2 ; 22VA (max)
2xPP2 or HM2; 50VA (max)
1XPPD ; 50VA (max)
Input Pressure 4~ 6 Bar
Vacuum Internal Vacuum Generator
Valve Support 2xPP2 ; 2xHM2; 1xPPD
Operation Fluid Pressure 0.001 Input Pressure (Mpa)
Run Modes Volume Mode ; Purge Mode
Adjustment On-Fly parameter adjustment
User Interface Dummy Mode / Expert mode
Channels Disp A-10 Channels
Disp B-10 Channels
Volume Resolution PP2 / PPD ; 0.00001ml
Interface Control Disp A (Trig Mode / Purge Mode)
Disp B (Trig Mode / Purge Mode)
Power ON / OFF
Communication Port RS232C ; Ethernet (100/1000)
Nspira Link Use RS232C for remote control
Touch Screen Color LCD Touch Screen
Control Input Init A; Mode A ; Trigger A; Fill A
Init B; Mode B; Trigger B; Fill B
Control Output A Ctrl Ready ; A Trig Ready
B Ctrl Ready ; B Trig Ready
Language English / Simplefiled Chinese (selectable)
Relative Humidity 5 to 40 % ; No condensation
Weight 4.50kg





* All specification are believed to be a true and accurate representation of system capabilities. NSW reserves the right to make design changes to products for improvement . Product features & specifications are subject to changes without prior notice.


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