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Complete Optical Inspection System with variable inspection tool selection!!!

First in its class


Auto Dispensing System




The A-100-LF Auto Dispenser is suitable for high volume dispensing in both in-line and standalone configurations. This system offers accurate vision positioning for applications such as Coating, Underfill, Dam and Fill, Sealing and Solder Paste Dispensing.


This system is the customization of the A-100 system, incorporating dual Z-axis motion and ball screw operated lead frame handler wtih 3 heated stations. The standard system configuration includes easy to use Dispensing Software, control of dispenser module and material handling module. The fully integrated handling increase the system efficiency thus maximizing through-put and outstanding machine uptime that provides the highest level of productivity.



These features are designed for medum to high through-put assembly line with either single machine with modular loader/unloader configuration or coupled with the TC-100-LF traffic management system for Tie-line configuration with multiple machines configuration.


Dispensing software Simple Mode Interface allow quick setup and operation while Advanced Mode Interface provides control to advanced parameters for complicated dispensing processes and requirements.


The features of the system includes:

•  Fully Programmable Doting, Coating, Inject and Filling Profile.
•  3 Stage Process Control Heating Stages.
•  Integrated High Speed Patternpatible Recognition System.
•  Integrated needle calibration module.
•  Universal Leadframe and Magazine Support.
•  SMEMA Com

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