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Complete Optical Inspection System with variable inspection tool selection!!!

First in its class


3rd Optic Inspection System




•  Low Cost system.

•  Programmable package conversion.

•  Programmable inspection path.

•  High through-put system.

•  User friendly Windows based GUI.


Products Descriptions

I-200 Series 3rd Optic Inspection System is an Automatic Leadframe and Substrate Handling system for inspection purposes. The system consists of a magazine loader, programmable track width and programmable gripper track on a Y-table.

Software Simple Mode Interface provide allows quick setup and operation while Advanced Mode Interface provide advanced parameters allow complicated inspection path pattern setup.

The material transfer flow is designed in such to minimized handling time and ensuring delicate handling of Leadframe and Substrate. Ergonomic design offers great comfort to operator.

Optional integrated camera can be used for pattern identification, 2D or Barcode Reading and comes with integrated networking mapping capabilities.


Configuration Standalone

Actuators Stepper Motor Ballscrew Drive


Host :  Pentium class PC

Operating System :  Windows XP

Monitor :  LCD

Control :  Foldable Keyboard and Mouse

:  Touch screen (Extreme Ver. Only)


Electrical :  110/250V,50/60Hz,10/20 Amp

Compressed air :  5 bar (70psi), 0.5 cfm

*depend on valve consumption


Dimensions :  975(W) x 801(D) x 1058(H) mm

*excluding monitor

Weight :  200kg

2D Verification & Inspection
(Extreme Ver. Only)

2D Code Reader

PC Programmable Dual channel LED Lighting

Trinocular Microscope with Frame Grabber

** Standard model comes with only Trinocular Microscope

Tower Light

Networking Mapping capability


*Product features & specifications are subject to changes without prior notice.


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