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SCHMIDT® Force & Stroke Monitoring System

A True Close-Loop Monitoring system for all yours presses application needs!!!First in the world


Desktop Tape Mounter

The TM-300 Desktop Tape Mounter is suitable for accurate and fast mounting of wafers and subastrates up to 190mm in size.

This desktop mounting system produce uniform, air bubble free results using all standard and UV tapes. In addition to silicon wafers, other substrates can be mounted, including PZT, Ceramics, GaAs, QFN, Hybrids, PCBs and BGA.

Quick switch chuck table on this model allows wafer configuration to be easily changed while maintaining mounting accuracy, ultimately, reducing the setup time of dicing systems.

The TM-300 System offers high performance yet compact design with a high level of occupational safety.


The features of this system includes:
•  Compact desktop design with semi-auto mounting process.
•  Safe, Simple and Accurate Operation.
•  Automatic motorized ESD Roller with adjustable speed.
•  Bubble free tape application provides improved adhesion.
•  Close loop temperature control.
•  Automatic backing tape removal.

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