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3rd Optic Inspection System with Network Mapping capability to provide complete inspection solution!!! First in its class

Auto UV Cure System

The UV-100 Auto UV Cure System provides a fully automatic UV cure solutions, in which it automatically pick rings from a cassette for curing process in a closed environment.

The system is able to provide optimal UV irradiation for UV adhesive tape. The full enclosure provides safe and reliable UV irradiation for entire curing surface. The handling system supports standard cassette and ring size of up to 300mm.

The standard system configuration includes easy to use touch screen interface featuring easy configuration of irradiation time, lamp lifetime warning and more.

The high efficiency UV-100 System offers continuous curing operaton at an economical footprint of 68cm x 92cm.

The features of this system includes:
•  Fully automatic system with no operator contact with ring during processing.
•  Continuous operation with no wasted handling time between UV iradiation of individual ring.
•  Programmable curing time with UV status indicator.
•  Processes up to 300mm ring size.

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