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We are passionate about delivering a wide range of high performance and extremely reliable precision liquid dispensing systems to support our customers’ automated dispensing needs.

Our Mission

To Always Be One Step Ahead

At NSW, we invest our resources in research and development to continuously innovate the disciplines of cutting-edge engineering, design, and precision—all to achieve the unthinkable

We strive to keep the art of automated dispensing at the heart of what we do to help our customers meet the ever-increasing demand for speed and quality in today’s market. There may be a lot of adhesive dispensing systems in the market, but our next-level nano automated dispensing tech differentiates us from other market players. Our machines are highly stable in producing extremely fine volumes of fluid and microdots exactly and precisely – at all times. Our liquid dispensing systems are easy to use and get the tough jobs done effectively.

Our seamless Digital-Programmable Volumetric Dispensing and Micro-volume Squeezing Technology have already created a significant breakthrough in the automated liquid dispensing system market. Our equipment has managed to move the milestone of today’s volumetric dispenser market. We are currently pursuing Industry 4.0 cloud-based standards in our automated fluid dispensing systems. It perfects the mechanization of Industry 3.0, where smarter and autonomous systems fuelled by data and machine learning is optimized. Our machinery would be able to handle IoT (Internet of Things) as we transcend the era of productivity.

Corporate Introduction

Getting to know us

NSW Automation is a leading global company that specializes in precision liquid dispensing systems in today’s global microelectronics and semiconductors industries. We are Malaysian based and headquartered in Penang.

Our clients vary from manufacturers of electronic components to semiconductors, SMD LED, military, automotive, medical (biotech), and aerospace industries. We have global footprints with multiple factories, sales & service offices, and technical support points in the USA, China, Taiwan, South Korea, Southeast Asian countries, Germany, UK, Russia, Switzerland, and many more.

Humble Beginning With A Grand Vision

We started our journey as a team to solve the headaches and challenges of customized automation and machinery in 2004. The standard machinery of that era paired with the many manufacturing needs wasn’t enough to push forward the ideal desired outputs. We succeeded in customizing automated liquid dispenser machinery solutions to suit the productivity needs. 

However, in 2007, our founders were inspired by a grand vision to embark into the automated dispensing solutions. It took us to a whole new level when we crafted our first generation of liquid dispensing machines. From there, we relentlessly charged forward and improved our skills and techniques—making our mark in the global dispensing solutions industry.

NSW Management Team Group Photo Full
NSW System and Equipments in action

We did just that and more!

We are globally recognized for our outstanding volumetric liquid dispensing delivery technology being the highest dispensed volume in the world. We also invented the world’s smallest solder paste dispensing achievable with standard T6 solder dots at ø ≤80 μm.

We supply advanced precision liquid dispensing solutions to manufacturers that are widely used in microelectronics and semiconductor markets like MEMS, SiP, PoP, CSP and wafer-level packaging applications today. 

With more than 15 years of experience as a liquid dispensing manufacturer and precision fluid dispenser designer, we believe customers are our partners. WE ARE COMMITTED TO GIVING OUR DEDICATED SUPPORT IN HELPING YOU ACHIEVE YOUR PRODUCTION AND BUSINESS GOALS.

Our Awards

NSW has won multiple awards from bringing the best technology to the world. We are mentioned in the news portal and are always encouraged to perfect dispensing excellence and recognized for doing so. Here are some of the awards we attained:

Gold Award Winner
Star Export Excellence Awards under the machinery, equipment, and automation for SME category
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The Best in Precision Fluid Dispensing Solutions
In Lang International Awards – Click Here

Gold Awards at Export Excellence Award 2019

NSW Timeline & Evolution

Our journey starts with a simple production of our very first generation time pressure liquid dispensing system with limited features. However, pursuing our grand vision backed with strong research and development work, we are now proud to be a leading sought after global precision dispensing systems manufacturer. Our solutions come with sophisticated intelligent features like automated needle calibration, dispensing volume monitoring and fluid compensation, smart volume control, and self-weighted fluid calibration.

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