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Discover varieties of dispensing system applications with NSW Fluid dispensing system, equipment, and pumps.

Precise like a Space Shuttle,
Resolution Thinner than Hair.

NSW latest automated adhesive dispensing system is a breakthrough tech. Through this microdispensing system, we have won the award in achieving the world’s tiniest liquid dispensing resolution of 40 μm(UV Glue).

Additionally, this microscopic size is achievable with the latest flagship dispenser solution models, which are the S400 and A300 Series of automated epoxy dispensers.

Our microdispensing technology focuses on precision and accuracy. If you are looking for dispenser solution to dispense various types of controlled release materials with the diminutive size of a hundred times smaller than the human hair, this is for you.

We Achieved The World’s Smallest
Solder Paste Dispensed Dot

If you need a dispensing system in the LED lighting or MEMs industries, you would find this epoxy dispensing system suitable for their applications.

We are always recognized because we are capable of fulfilling the accuracy, performance, and the ability to dispense volume needed. Our dispensing system applications is also flexible as its modules can be further customized even to custom requirements.


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