i-DR A302 | Dual Head

The hot-selling i-DR A302 is a dual fluid dispensing pump system for those who demand higher quality results and advanced rapid production throughputs. The A302 series is perfect for mid to low-value productions that need excellent precision.

i-Dr A302
Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0

Micro-volume dispensing



(Pump conversion)



Multiple Standard Compliance

The Supercharged
Dual Pump System

This automated dispensing handler is so fast and accurate. It stands between the precision of the A301 and the blazing speeds of A304. It has a high capability to handle mid-to-high complex dispensing forms, MEMs, and memory chip products swiftly. In achieving optimum productivity, this microplate dispenser is equipped with the most advanced fluid equipment dual-pump system that runs simultaneously. This system is easy to use and dynamically programmable via its dual 3-axis fully motorized robot on top of its solid production board.

Smart Auto Magazine Handler

The i-DR A302 comes with a sensor to detect subject to dispense. This feature enables a magazine holder to load and unload any dispensing subjects onto the workpiece automatically. After completion, you can extract the product by removing the entire magazine. On top of that, the sensors of the automated liquid dispenser will detect possible failures or misplacements caused by human or operation error as it automatically alerts the operator before system failure. It dramatically reduces downtime and prevents unnecessary chaos.

Industry 4.0 

The latest Industrial Revolution that focuses heavily on interconnectivity, automation, machine learning, and real-time data. Our dispensing systems are equipped with these various types of sensors. It allows the machine learning technology to correspond with disparity and variations automatically. It can also smartly implement compensation of flaws and imprecisions on dispensing applications.

Smart Volume Control & Self-Weight Calibration

NSW innovative self-weighing calibration system uses an advanced cutting-edge algorithm to measure dispensing processes for volume and weight preciseness.  Our Smart Volume Control automatically self-tunes to meet desire dispense volume in light speed repeatedly. It eliminates any inconsistency and temperature instability during material dispensation that causes imprecisions or rejections.

Inline Dispensing Volume Monitoring 

This technology allows the workpiece to be inspected by another inline equipment for flaws and imprecision. It notifies you by smartly indicating the location of the defect then automatically marks rejected workpieces on the server’s database. This feature saves costs and prevents future flaws and errors.

High Precision & Reduced Disparity  

NSW dispensing handler is integrated with solid construction grade granite base, gantry and steel structures, inline dispensing volume monitoring compensation technology, and intelligent self-weight calibration features. It enables our dispensing equipment to achieve precision and sharp accuracy with variations that are a hundred times smaller than a human hair.

e-Mapping Function

NSW dispensing handler comes with an advanced e-mapping function. It enables you to use the e-map file as a guideline and path for the equipment to administer on a workpiece. Alternatively, you can use NSW’s integrated line scan camera feature to identify the dispensing area and XYZ position of the workpiece.

iDR-A302 3D view

Granite Base Structure
& with Precision Craftsmanship

The system built is fully enclosed with a cover onto a solid granite base and gantry, which is a popular type of felsic intrusive igneous rock that is granular and phaneritic in texture. Because of its stable and goliath features, it is used mainly in the construction industry. This material is forced between other layers of rock by the natural pressure under the Earth’s surface. As a result, when compared to steel structures, granite delivers better performance in terms of stability, accuracy, and speed.

Vision Calibration System

Integrated with the advanced vision system to assist NSW pump heads, it quickly acquires the exact XY position of the dispensing location on a workpiece. This system enables you to achieve precise constant accuracy and eliminates system tolerances. The system can detect misaligned workpieces when a new workpiece is loaded into the system during a repeating dispensing process.

Lasered Height Examinations

Utilizing advanced laser beams enables the NSW dispensing handler to measure the surface height of the workpiece before any dispensing process begins. This non-contact measurement device helps you measure a variety of surfaces, including high-density holes, trenches, and cavity. It can determine surfaces like shiny metal to dark surfaces with extreme speed across all axis.
(Optional with confocal sensor systems)

More Features & Characteristics 



Compliant and crafted with SMEMA and SECS/GEM standards for all NSW dispensing systems. SECS/GEM allows communicative networks between NSW equipment, automated systems and host’s factory network enabling Smart Factory Manufacturing.

NSW Needle Tip cleaner A304

Auto Needle Tip Cleaner

Equipped with an automatic needle tip cleaner feature, it can remove any impurities and unwanted existing materials after long operating hours. You can summon cleaning any time to ensure continual performance.

Heater for iDR-A302 and A304

Intelligent Ai Heater

Integrated with programmable workpiece heater to warm up any dispensing subject on board according to your recipe. Designed with industrial standard preciseness with its configurable temperature control capability NSW advanced heater system can maintain temperature consistently.

Technical Specification

Operating System Windows® Operated
Handler Software NDisp3 WIN
No. of Axis 6
Max Head 2
 XY Actuator  Precision Ground Ball Screw
XY Accuracy ±10μm (0.010mm)
Z Actuator Precision Rolled Ball Screw
Z Accuracy ±10μm (0.010mm)
XY Repeatability ±5μm (0.005mm)
Z Repeatability ±5μm (0.005mm)
XY Resolution ±1μm (0.001mm)
Z Resolution ±1μm (0.001mm)
XYZ Linear Encoder Resolution 0.5μm/Step (0.0005mm) (Optional)
Board Length Min: X-50mm   | Max: X-300mm
Board Width Min: Y-40mm (Optional up to 24mm)    | Max: Y-210mm
Max Over Board Thickness 5mm
Max Under Board Thickness 3mm
Weighing Scale Resolution 0.01mg (Optional) / 0.001mg (Optional)


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