The NSW HeliMASTER-3 fluid pump is a superior fluid delivery system operated with master-crafted auger screws to direct liquid dispensation.


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Micro-volume dispensing


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Developed In-house
Crafted with Preciseness

The HeliMASTER-3 uses our superior auger screw technology that works excellently with medium to high viscosity materials. Besides using timed monitored pulsating pressure, it combines both air-pressure and rotating power that accumulates at its dispensing tip for fluid contact. This interconnection generates a force to move fluid swiftly and precisely.

Product Highlights

  • Unique and compact with a quick latch type valve designed cartridge.
  • Dynamic programmable auger screw’s rotation speed control (RPM)
  • Supports medium to high viscosity material, dispensable range up to 1,000,000 cps
  • Support standard syringe sizes from 5 cc up to 30 cc and has special configurable bulk feeding features
  • Adaptable with standard Luer lock type needles and precision stainless steel needles for various process optimizations
  • It comes with multiple types of auger screws model to handle various types of material
  • Optional jam detection encoding system
  • Optional syringe level detections and low-level alert functions
  • Easy to clean and maintain. High chemical resistance stainless steel makes the valve body easily cleaned by using an ultrasonic cleaner

Our Auger Pump Application

HeliMASTER 3 flow, capability and application test result video.

All types of NSW Helimaster Auger Screws

Different types of NSW Auger Screw

Auger Screw Valve Control

Auger Valves are designed for high viscosity applications that demand precise volumetric accuracy. It includes a precision motor and NSW in-house master-crafted gears & auger shafts that ensure peak and consistent torque to dispense medium to exceedingly high viscosity fluids effortlessly. It is built to dispense beads as well as micro shots. This positions it as a versatile microdispensing system for applications involving a wide range of solder paste, glue, silicones, adhesives, semisolids, gel, solvents, cream, and epoxies. Auger Valves are highly appropriate for applications like dam and fill, sealing, encapsulation, and dabbing.

Technical Specification

Model HeliMASTER 3 as known as “HM3”
Software NDisp3 (NSW Advanced Dispensing Software)
Valve Control Auger Screw

Volume Resolution

Fluid Viscosity Up to 1,000,000 Cps

Reservoir Volume


Material Outlet Port

NSW Precision Needle / Standard Luer Lock Needle
Weight 950g


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