PistonPRO 4+

NSW PistonPRO 4+ is operated with volumetric valve controls. It is built for high-speed contact dispensing with our efficient fluid control technology. It is easy to set up and fully programmable for mass production processes.

NSW PistonPRO 4+

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Micro-volume dispensing


(Pump conversion)

Low Maintenance &
Worry-Free Design

The PistonPRO4+ is built for speed. Just like a reservoir, we have developed a chamber reservoir management technology that can handle extreme fluid dispensing applications smartly. Instead of drawing from its source, this pump has intelligent standby storage, reserving liquid to apply it on the next dispense instantaneously.

Product Highlights

  • This has programmable volumetric controlled via ‘ml’ or ‘µl’ (SI unit)
  • High dispensed volume repeatability, up to ±0.15 µl or better (tested with pure silicone liquid)
  • Superior fine dispensed volume adjustment, smallest controllable resolution of up to 0.3 nanoliter
  • Perfect chamber sealed off design that enables ‘non-dripped’ features during mass production
  • A highly efficient needle that has a ‘tail-off’ effect via its special ‘suck-back’ function
  • The dispensed amount is not affected by any material’s viscosity even when changed over time or due to fluctuation caused by incoming air pressures
  • Built-in ‘air remover’ functions to remove trapped air during pump setup
  • Low maintenance cost & less hassle of changing spare parts
  • Easy to operate & fast to learn

Dispensing Result Data

Technical Specification

Model PistonPRO4+ as known as “PP4”
Control Method PC Based
Software NDisp3 (NSW Advanced Dispensing Software)
Piston Size Ø2mm, Ø4mm, Ø6mm
Valve Control Volumetric

Chamber Volume at Full Stroke

Ø2 mm: 0.1413 ml
Ø4 mm: 0.5654 ml
Ø6 mm: 1.2723 ml

Volume Resolution

PP4200: 0.000314µl
PP4400: 0.001256µl
PP4600: 0.002827µl
Fluid Viscosity 1-50,000 Cps

Reservoir Volume

PP4200: 0.1413ml
PP4400: 0.5654ml
PP4600: 1.2723ml

Material Outlet Port

NSW Precision Needle/ Standard Luer Lock Needle
Applicable Plug-in 5-70CC Standard Syringe
Weight 1250g


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