NSW PP2-DOUBLE is a sophisticated dual pump head system designed and engineered to dispense liquid at 2x the speed of a regular NSW fluid pump.

NSW PistonPRO Double

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Double the Pump
Twice the Speed

The PP2-Double features two pump heads, which makes it twice as fast as compared to its cousin, the PistonPRO 4+. If you are looking to rapidly dispense phosphor for LED, UV glue, or mass-produced workpieces, this may be the perfect pump for you. Suitable for very high-speed contact dispensing outputs for industrial productions.

Product Highlights

  • Doubled dispensing output (when compared to PistonPRO4+, HeliMASTER3, Sychropulse)
  • Fully customizable needle head distance and mechanism to suit any unique application needs
  • Programmable volumetric control via ‘ml’ or ‘µl’ (SI unit)
  • Repeatable high dispensed volume, as small as ±0.15 µl or better (tested with pure silicone liquid)
  • Superior fine dispensed volume adjustment, the smallest controllable resolution is down to 0.3 µl
  • Viscosity changes over time do not impact dispensed volume.
  • Perfect sealed off chamber design enables its ‘non-dripped’ feature during mass production
  • Superb control release system with tail-off’ effect via self ‘suck-back’ function
  • Built-in ‘air remover’ functions to remove trapped air during pump setup
  • Simple to operate, low maintenance cost and less hassle of changing spare parts

Dispenser Test Result

PP2 Double in action

Technical Specification

Model PP2-DOUBLEas known as “PP2D”
Control Method PC Based
Software NDisp3 (NSW Advanced Dispensing Software)
Valve Control Volumetric
Piston Size Ø3 mm, Ø6 mm

Chamber Volume at Full Stroke

Ø3 mm: 0.3110 ml (0.1555 ml x 2)
Ø6 mm: 1.2440 ml (0.6220 ml x 2)

Volume Resolution

PP2300D: 0.000707µl
PP2600D: 0.002827µl
Fluid Viscosity 1-25,000 Cps

Reservoir Volume

PP2300D: 0.3110ml
PP2600D: 1.2440ml

Material Outlet Port

Standard Luer Lock
Applicable Needle Pitches (P) 15.00mm-33.3mm
Applicable Needle Qty (N) 2 Dispensing Needles
Applicable Plug-in 5-200CC Standard Syringe
Weight 1350g


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