SynchroPULSE uses advanced squeezing technology to dispense liquid. It is the latest flagship pump head that is developed for NSW superior dispensing systems.

NSW SychroPULSE pump

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Our New Flagship
Squeezing Technology

The revolutionary SynchroPULSE is a world-class, unlike any other. It’s sharply precise dispensement works without any sort of mechanical aid. It purely functions by utilizing air pressure to squeeze its internal diaphragm to pump fluid – just like the human heart. This pulp is armed with our revolutionary “self-suck back” technology that can handle high viscosity materials and microscopic dots to up to 80um without any instability or deformation.


SynchroPULSE Nozzle Head

Product Highlights

  • Patented ‘self-suck-back’ technology for high repeatable volume control
  • Latest evolution in fluid delivery technology. It can dispense without squeezing or changing the original shape of material (or fillet size)
  • Easy to operate & fast to learn, unique ‘maintenance-free’ design without any mechanical moving or sliding parts
  • Superior fine volume adjustability. It’s smallest adjustable resolution can be down to ≥50 picolitre/pulse. (depending on material’s characteristic)
  • Its perfectly sealed off chamber design enables ‘non-drip’ features during mass production
  • Delicate ‘quick-latch’ design reduces production downtime and improves productivity
  • It supports high viscosity material dispensing to up to 1,000,000 cps
  • Compatible with several fine holes dispensing needles. The smallest hole size can be as to Ø25 µm (ID)

Dispensing Result (Lines)

Dispensing Result (Dots)

Technical Specification

Model SynchroPULSE as known as “SP Valve”
Control Method PLC Based + PC Based
Software NDisp3 (NSW Advanced Dispensing Software)
Valve Control Squeezing Diaphragm
Compatible Nozzle Size (ID) Ø25µm, Ø40µm, Ø70µm, Ø100µm, Ø150µm, Ø200µm

Volume Resolution

0.00005 µl (approx. 50 pl)
*Depending on material’s characteristic
Fluid Viscosity 5,000-1,000,000 Cps

Reservoir Volume

PP2300D: 0.3110ml
PP2600D: 1.2440ml

Material Outlet Port

NSW Precision Needle
Applicable Syringe Size 10cc
Weight 400g


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