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We have a global sales and support network. And we pride ourselves on our precision fluid dispensing system services and ensure that you always come first. With our offices and service centers all over the world, we can reach you anywhere effectively.

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We are professionally recognized for advanced quality productions with CE, ISO certification. We have been on a mission for decades to ensure the highest satisfaction achieved on our product quality for our clients from a multitude of industries worldwide.

NSW Automation Engineering Team


Our R&D engineers are highly dedicated to delivering the best. In collaboration with global talents, we will continue to create innovation to solve precision dispensing challenges for our customers in manufacturing and more.


Our Micro-volume Fluid Dispenser Is Tiny But Mighty

We are recognized internationally for the world’s smallest in dot size. Our fluid dispensing robot can dispense liquid as small as Ø–40 μm (UV glue microdot) or Ø–80 μm (solder paste microdots and lines via standard Type-6 paste) —it’s a revolutionary never-seen-before record and newly defined standard in the precision fluid dispensing industry.

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Who We Are?

Continually Deliver Revolutionary Liquid Dispensing Solutions For Our Global Customers

We are known to manufacture the world’s smallest solder paste dispenser. NSW Automation specializes in high performance and extremely reliable micro-volume liquid dispensing solutions for today’s advanced electronics manufacturing market.

Founded in 2004 and headquartered in Penang, Malaysia, we have operations and support offices in the USA, Russia, China, Taiwan, South Korea, Southeast Asian countries, Germany, UK, Switzerland, and many more. Read More..

Precision fluid dispensing systems - Needle Tip
Precision fluid dispensing systems - Demo Sample

Technology & Innovation

We Are All About Innovations and Breakthroughs.

Our seamless Digital-Programmable Volumetric Dispensing and Micro-volume Squeezing Technology have revolutionized today’s accurate liquid dispenser market. Our products are the milestones in the dispenser industry.

We are the creator of the world’s smallest solder paste dispensing machine that can dispense accurate microdot diameters and micro lines as small as 80 µm or below (standard T6 solder paste).

Latest Events & News

Jetting VS Contact Dispensing Header

Contact Dispensing and Non-Contact Jetting

Understand Contact Dispensing and Non-Contact Jetting. Why most SMD professionals prefer contact dispensing over fluid jetting for precise micro dispensing applications such as wafer-level packaging,

Productronica Shanghai 2020 huge crowd

We Joined Productronica China 2020

On July 3 - 5 2020, NSW joined Productronica Shanghai 2020 to introduce lastest precision fluid dispensing technology to the Chinese market.

Fight Covid19

Covid-19 & Lockdown in Malaysia

Malaysia government is taking strict movement control order to ‘Temporary Lockdown’ in Malaysia on 18 Mar 2020 due to Covid-19 AKA Coronavirus.

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Why We Need Micro-volume Solder Paste Dispensing?

Today is the new era of smaller electronics with an increasing demand for micro solder paste dispensing. We need a new way to dispense on smaller component.

Our Products

Micro-Volume Fluid Dispensing Tools That Give You Accuracy, Speed, And Flexibility At Micron Levels

We specialize in manufacturing customized micro-volume solder paste dispenser, benchtop fluid dispensers, epoxy dispenser systems, dispensing handlers, precision epoxy dispensers, adhesive dispensing systems, liquid management colorant dispensers, volumetric dispensers, pumps and valves for today’s market demand. Our in-house development team can help customize and even fine-tune the software of dispensing handler systems to suit your production needs.

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S350 Dispensing system
S350 Dispensing system

i-DR S350

Built for the highest flexibility and ultimate performance. This portable dispenser is perfect for small scale R&D departments.

NSW S400 Hometab

i-DR S400

Extreme precision dispensing (down to 80µm). Best for small scale dispensing with exceedingly sharp precision on high-valued workpieces.

NSW S400H Hometab
NSW S400H Hometab

i-DR S400H

Created with upgraded motion accuracy, enclosed HEPA casing and built resilient to meticulously shield unwanted dust away from dispensation productions.


i-DR A301

Meet the champion of the “A” series. Its single pump action reigns superior in accuracy and precision dispensing performance for high detailed value products.


i-DR A302

Our most popular dual pump yet. Its excellent sophisticated dispensing systems ensure speed and controlled accuracy on dual XYZ axis designs.


i-DR A304

Created for blazing high production speed. Armed with a 4-pump system that dispenses independently via 12-axis with individual movement control simultaneously.


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