We have a global sales and support network. And we pride ourselves on our precision fluid dispensing system services and ensure that you always come first. With our offices and service centers all over the world, we can reach you anywhere effectively.



We pride ourselves with advanced quality productions with ISO certification. We have been on a mission for decades to ensure the highest satisfaction achieved on our product quality for our clients from a multitude of industries worldwide.



Our R&D engineers are highly dedicated to delivering the best. In collaboration with global talents, we will continue to create innovation​ ​to solve precision dispensing challenges for our customers in manufacturing and more.


Our microvolume dispensing technology is tiny but mighty.

We are recognized internationally for achieving the world’s smallest in dot size in precision dispensing. Our fluid dispensing robot can dispense liquid as small as Ø-40 μm (UV glue microdot) or Ø-80 μm (solder paste microdot) —it’s a revolutionary never-seen-before in fluid dispensing valve industry standards.

Who We Are?

Continually design revolutionary dispensing solutions for our global customers.

We are known to manufacture the world’s smallest solder paste dispenser. NSW Automation specializes in high performance and extremely reliable liquid volume dispenser solutions for today’s advanced electronics manufacturing market.

Founded in 2004 and headquartered in Penang, Malaysia, we have operations and support offices in the USA, Europe, China, Korea, Taiwan, and Southeast Asia

Solder Paste Micro Dispensing at size of 80μm

Technology & Innovation

We are all about innovations and breakthroughs.

Our seamless Digital-Programmable Volumetric Technology and Micro Volume Squeezing Technology have revolutionized today’s accurate liquid dispenser market. Our products are the milestones in the dispenser solution industry.

We are the creator of the world’s smallest solder paste dispensing with microdot diameter and microline thickness as small as 80 µm.

Latest Events & News

Why we need the world’s smallest solder paste dispensing?

NSW has an outstanding capability to dispense tiny solder dots and lines dispensing as small as Ø80µm by using a Type 6 solder paste.

Lang International Corporate Titan Awards 2019

We're honoured to be awarded "The Best in Precision Fluid Dispensing Solutions" by Lang International. We'll never stop innovating for a better tomorrow!

Gold Awards at Export Excellence Award 2019

Gold Award Winner in Export Excellence Award 2019

We have been awarded a Gold Award under machinery, equipment & automation category in the Export Excellence Award organized by The Star Media.

semicon west 2019 logo

We’re at Semicon West 2019 (USA)

NSW Automation joined the Semicon West 2019, This event is 3 days of presentations with NSW live Dispensing demonstration & dispensing sample viewing.

Our Products

Micro volume dispensing tools that give you accuracy, speed, and flexibility at micron level

We specialize in manufacturing benchtop fluid dispensers, epoxy dispenser systems, dispensing handlers, precision epoxy dispensers, adhesive dispensing systems, liquid management colorant dispensers, volumetric dispensers, pumps and valves for today’s market demand. Our in-house development team can help customize and even fine-tune the software of dispensing handler systems to suit your production needs.

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i-DR S320A

The A320A is controlled with NSW Self-developed Mini onboard pump controller. This light-weight compact desktop format dispensing integrated with multiple advanced features to handle today’s basic liquid dispensing applications to complex demand….


i-DR S400

This Series is a desktop liquid dispenser perfectly engineered to match various types of today’s miniaturized electronics devices manufacturing needs. It is designed to handle application such as micron level dispensing, wafer-level packaging and other’s….


i-DR S400H

The latest flagship advanced-level liquid dispenser handler designed for lab use. This equipment is perfectly engineered to handle various types of R&D laboratory demand at groundbreaking dispensing resolution of 40μm to an accuracy of 1μm….


i-DR A301

i-DR A301 is an advanced-level dispenser platform perfectly engineered to handle various types of large-scale semiconductor device packaging demand.  It is built with fully enclosed cover onto a granite base. It comes with closed-loop linear encoding system to enhance accuracy….


i-DR A302

i-DR A302 is preferred liquid dispensing handler for user who demands higher result quality and better production throughput. This system is fast and accurate to use on various types of applications, it has a high capability to handle from mid-to-high complex dispensing applications….


i-DR A304

i-DR A304 is an advanced-level dispenser platform build for speed, perfectly engineered to handle various types of large-scale semiconductor device packaging demand. The system integrated with a complete 4 Head & 12 independent programmable motorized axes….


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