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Here’s Some interesting videos, pictures, facts and report to show you NSW dispensing application solutions such as micro-volume dispensing technology, solder paste, phosphor, and adhesives dispensing.

Which types of Industries We Served?

We offer a broad range of liquid dispensing systems suitable for mass production. Speed, repeatability, and consistency are imminent to us. Above all, our systems are also highly stable and accurate, which is critical for research and development of laboratory usage. Here are some ways that industries are finding our systems to be fitting for their production and manufacturing.


NSW notable solder paste dispensing technologies are most suitable to solder MEMS devices and electronics micro components at micron-levels. Our systems can accurately perform microscopic wafer-level dispensing and other advanced semiconductor manufacturing dispensing processes such as flip chips, 3D packages, PoPs, and SiPs.

LED Industries

Phosphors are used in LEDs to produce visible light when exposed to radiation from an ultra-violet, deep blue, or electron beam source. Our dispensers would be able to dispense for LEDs to emit accurate desired colors and brightness.


Diverse major electronic component manufacturers highly used our dispensing systems in the Surface-Mount Technology (SMT) industry. It handles processes such as SMT hybrid assembly, 5G optical communication manufacturing. Our systems also cover 008004 SMD soldering, microscopic components assembly, and other microscopic SMT related processes.


The latest S400 dispenser is popular among bioresearch industries, Our equipments fulfill the need for accuracy, preciseness, and stability in biotechnology. Besides research purposes, our dispensers can accurately dispense controlled amounts of liquid for lab and biology test kits.


Our precision fluid dispensing systems are used for tire sensors and pixel LEDs production. Our machine can dispense exact amounts of liquid consistently with good accuracy. Any inaccuracy could risk danger, risk, damage, or cause of injury towards the end-users vehicle.


NSW dispensing systems also solder sensitive compute equipment, MEMS devices, and sensors used in aircraft. it demands uniquity and customization to achieve outstanding accuracy. With customization and precision fluid dispensing capability, we can serve these unique demands.

Industrial Assembly

We have also made notable coverage in industrial assembly productions. Our system meets general and customized specifications to produce niched outputs. Some areas of coverage are sealing of gaps, bonding, encapsulation, gluing and microscopic pasting in watches.


Military-grade cameras, drones, electronic are sensitive equipment. It's required to be faultless. Our high-precision dispensers deliver soldering pastes, adhesives, sealing compounds, and fluxing agents. It can also dispense oils, dyes, and solvents in whatever sophisticated microscopic designs to be combat-ready.

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Precise like a Space Shuttle
Resolution Thinner than Hair
Size as Small as 80μm

NSW’s latest automated micro-volume solder paste dispensing systems are breakthrough techs. Our state-of-the-art microdispensing technology can execute challenging tasks such as 008004 (0.008” x 0.004) or smaller SMD soldering flawlessly.

Our liquid dispenser processes EMC phosphor casting and epoxy damming. We can also support die coating, adhesives and many more.

Similarly, Some manufacturing materials that our equipment is able to support are such as solder paste, phosphor, and adhesives. Moreover, we also support UV glue, TiO2, silver epoxy, silicone gel and many more.

Our microdispensing system has capabilities with superior consistency at every dispensation. It has successfully achieved the world’s tiniest liquid dispensing dot diameter or line size of 40μm. This is applicable for UV glue and 80μm on T6 micro solder paste dispensing. These microscopic sizes are achievable with S400 and A300 series of automated fluid dispensers.

We have collaborated with several major material manufacturers such as indium corporation. This allowed us to optimize their solder paste formulation to fit into our micro-dispensing equipment’s performance. Hence, we manage to achieve reliable fine volume dispensing results.

NSW microdispensing technology focuses on nanoscopic dispensing. This is an exceptional technology amongst the precision fluid dispensing market. Are you looking for dispenser solutions to dispense various types of controlled release materials? What if it can dispense the diminutive wafer-level size of a hundred times smaller than the human hair? This is for you

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What Can We Dispense?
Micro Dispensing Application & Materials

We understand your needs. More manufacturers today are demanding for micron-level precision fluid dispensing systems. Therefore, we offer a broad range of solutions for your dispensing needs. From chemicals to semi-solid dispensing for the semiconductor, LED, and packaging industries, we strive to deliver highly innovative solutions always.

Materials That We Dispense:

  • Solder Paste (All types)
  • Phosphor
  • Conductive/non-conductive Adhesive
  • UV glue
  • Titanium dioxide
  • Silicone Gel
  • Silver Epoxy
  • Various types of chemical, epoxy or solvents
  • General liquid or semisolids
    (from low and very high viscosity)
  • Creams and paste
  • Others, Contact us for your special material

Manufacturing Processes with NSW Applications:

  • Microscopic Solder Paste
  • Flip-chip packaging
  • SIP Packaging
  • 008004, 01005, 0201 SMD Soldering
  • Underfill
  • Mems Dispensing
  • VCSEL Manufacturing
  • Chip on Board (COB) Process
  • Dam and Fill
  • Hot Melting
  • LED Encapsulation
  • Surface Mount Adhesive
  • Lid Attach Dispensing
  • Trench or Cavity Filling
  • Wafer processing
  • Die coating
  • Coating or Sealing processes
  • Not listed? Contact us for your special request.

Solder Paste




Silicone Gel




Semisolids Liquid


Titanium Oxide


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